X-Men:First Class:- Xhilarating Xperience

                  Movie’s Title Justified

“Wish I were a mutant”. Well this was the first thought that struck me when I walked out of the theater after more than two hours of pure xcitement in the form of X-Men First Class.
This is hands down the best movie of the X-Men franchise and there are simply no words to describe the effect this movie had on me.
I walked into the theatre with high hopes of catching a good movie after a long time. But I guess good was not enough and the movie offered so much that I just could not expect more out of it. But I sincerely wished that the movie never ended as it just kept on getting better as it progressed. Trust me , as soon as the movie is over, you’re going to wish the next chapter was coming out next week. 

The movie kicks off showing Professor X(Charles Xavier)  on one side as a small and friendly kid with very high IQ  who would read and control people’s thoughts and on the other side Magneto (Eric Lenhsherr) a kid tortured by the German Soldiers during concentration camps in Poland.

While Charles grows up in a cultural society, Eric grows up to be an angry man with vengeance in his heart because of his troubled past caused by the Germans who kill his mother.
I guess I will stop  describing the storyline here because you will get it anywhere in Google.

Jumping on to the other aspects of the movie, the background score is absolutely gripping and the action sequences in the movie have been edited so well that they will keep you at the edge of the seat .

Michael Fassbender as Eric has done a fabulous job and I am sure after seeing this movie Magneto’s fan base would increase so much so that
Wolverine’s mine take a dip.

In fact a cameo by the leading character in the X-Men series, Wolverine by Hugh Jackman in this movie is particularly hilarious and ranks up to be one of the top scenes of the movie.
 The scene where Magneto redirects the missiles back to the ships at the Cuban Bay is a must watch .The second half of the movie is very gripping and the last twenty minutes is high on action. This movie does not just concentrate on the relationship between Eric and Charles but also builds on the idea of humans versus mutants and sheds ample light on either side.

The movie introduces a whole new bunch of mutants and it is just not Eric and Charles who steal the show. Mystique, Beast, Havok, Banshee and a number of other characters you recognize from previous films or discussion of the comic book flesh out a truly resourceful cast and keep the audience entertained.

This movie is not only bigger than the other movies of its franchise but it is also darker and more intense. This film does not imply that Charles is good and Eric is bad but it forces the audience to reconsider the beliefs of both these men. The film also shows the how Mystique who is Charles childhood friend ends up being with Magneto in the end. With the War between the USA and the USSR as the back drop of the movie ,the story line has been perfectly laced and connected to the first movie of the series.

This movie has aimed high and I can gladly say that it will surely meet your expectations. With lots of action and a good storyline this movie will definitely be amongst the best movies of this year and of this franchise. I suggest you go and see this movie as early as you can. I give it an 8 on 10.
X-Men First Class :-Xtraordinary


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